Free SUP Clinic, Saturday December 11

Come join Morgan Hoesterey, Jenny Kalmbach, and Nicole Madosik in Hawaii Kai for a free SUP Clinic on Saturday, December 11 from 9am to 11am. Bring your board and your friends and come spend a few hours talking paddling with us!

Get Ready for the SUP Race Season with Wet Feet!

With the new year comes a new season of racing.  The Holiday Burn Off race hosted by Pa’a officially starts off the Honolulu race scene on January 8th.  (For a complete list of Hawaii races along with races around the world, check out

For may people, the races are intimidating.  We get a lot of people coming in to the shop saying that they are afraid to do the races because they feel they aren’t ready to paddle out that far, aren’t fast enough, or fit enough.  In a effort to get everyone ready to have a safe and fun race season, Wet Feet has put together a few training groups to get everyone ready to get out there and paddle.

Spring Training Group:

January 8 – March 5, 2011

8 weeks:  3 one hour sessions per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to prepare for the upcoming race season.

Workouts include:
*Stretching and flexibility on land
*Strength and conditioning for SUP
*Race practice and paddling technique

Race Season Readiness Training Group

March 5- May 29, 2011

12 Weeks,  3 one hour sessions per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to get into shape for the race season

Training programs include:
*Weekly workout schedules provided via e-mail
*Emphasis on speed, agility, technique and endurance
*Workouts will get longer and more intensive each week leading up to a taper for the Battle of the Paddle Hawaii
*Ultimate goal is to be race ready

Program will feature:
*Speed:  Pairing up with people of like speed to add friendly competition to the training program.  Learn what it feels like to race instead of just paddling hard.
*Strength and Flexibility:  Dryland training to strengthen muscles used in padding and flexibility for warm up and recovery
*Agility:  Board handling work including turns, bumps, and crowds.
*Technique:  Paddling technique for efficiency, turning technique and footwork
*Endurance:  Long weekend paddles to increase endurance

Give us a call at the shop 808-373-7873 for pricing and more information

Gerry Lopez and Our Third Anniversary

Well, our third year anniversary was a big success.  The party at the shop brought in both friends that we see all the time as well as new faces.  Gerry Lopez was with us, signing copies of his latest book as well as posters, photos, lightning bolt surfboards and anything else his fans brought in.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to help us celebrate, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!

14 Shopping Days Left!!!

If you are anything like me, the last few weeks are a special time…Christmas decorations go up, Starbucks brings out the Christmas cup,  every store, bank, restaurant, bar etc is playing Christmas music, and the realization that shopping procrastination has once again taken place sets in.  Suddenly those Christmas tunes start sounding a little less cheery, the banker wearing the Santa hat seems a little less cute, and the stress of the season takes over.

Well, in order to make sure that you spend a little less time stressing these next two weeks, and a little more time in the water, we here at Wet Feet have comprised a list of some our favorite holiday gifts and stocking stuffers (all conveniently located here at Wet Feet in Aina Haina)…

1.  Gerry Lopez’ new book, SURF is where you find it

If you come by the shop tomorrow (Saturday, December 12) from 4pm to 7pm, Gerry Lopez will be here signing copies of his book.

2.  SUUNTO Fitness Watches

Transform your training with Suunto fitness watches. Suunto training watches pack a whole range of data into a lightweight package: real-time and average heart rate, calories burned, training effect, PC data tracking, and more.

3.  Kaenon Sunglasses –Hard Kore

Designed for men and women, HARD KORE is offered in two lens shape options – Regular lens shape for smaller faces or high cheek bone structures; and Large lens shape is approximately 2 millimeters wider and deeper than the Regular HARD KORE lens shape – for larger faces and greater protection from the elements

4.  Dakine Waterman’s Pack

The first and only watersports specific hydration pack helps keep you on the water all day.

5.  Indo Board

With the Indo board, what you have is a mini gym in the comfort of your living room! You can perform functional fitness exercises on both the roller and cushion in combination with dumb bells, stretch bands, and medicine balls such as squats, push-ups, oblique twists, lunges and wood chops.

Other items are available as well both here at the shop and through our website at

Happy Holidays from the Wet Feet Crew!!