2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi all, i was wondering if you guys did short clinics or training workshops, similar to your 12 week courses but over a few days or a week?

    im coming to hawaii in april from australia. SUP is growing here but i could benefit from an intensive course there. i would love to learn about gear, nutrition, paddling techniques etc. and also it would be brilliant to combine that with paddling through some of the beautiful waters there.

    do you have anything like that?

    thanks and aloha, San

    • Hi San,
      Right now we don’t offer a course like that, but if you are coming in April and are interested, we can work on doing something with you while you are here. Please e-mail Morgan at nobananas003@yahoo.com and we can work with you to figure out something that works for you. We can do some technique as well as downwind runs. Let me know if that works!

      Thanks, Morgan

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