It’s like the Maliko…only smaller.

What is 12’6 Long, 27.5″ Wide and Yellow all over???

Karen’s new present from Jimmy Lewis on Maui.

Karen's new toy...

Jimmy Lewis is currently producing a new 14′ Downwind board called the Maliko that is pretty popular. So popular in fact, that we haven’t even seen one in person yet and we already have an order for one. Karen has been looking for her perfect 12’6 for awhile now, and her search ended today when she unwrapped her new 12’6 custom board that Jimmy sent her. She wanted a board that is low profile and doesn’t get blown around easily by side wind, light and easy to carry, and most importantly…FAST!

it's fun to have friends in high places...

Have fun on your new board Karen!

2 thoughts on “It’s like the Maliko…only smaller.

  1. I would like to have information on how I can order a board like this one. I am currently competing on SUP races open division, I have an Alli’l 11’6 which I love, but I am looking forward to move to the long races but still in a surf board ,so I want to buy a faster board, any suggestion???

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