This weekend in California…

This past weekend was a busy one here in California.  The Hennessey International Paddleboard Race was held in San Diego on Saturday, followed by the Tahoe Fall Classic 22 mile race on Sunday.

It was a beautiful morning in San Diego.  Outside, the temperature was about 85 degrees and there was very little wind.  The race had a 9 mile long course as well as a 6 mile short course for the 12’6 SUP class.  Several Hawaii paddlers showed up including Kevin Seid and Beccy Cravens from Everpaddle, along with Jared Vargas and Nicole Madosik, two good friends of ours here at Wet Feet.

Everpaddle's Beccy and Kevin at the start of the 6 mile course

All of us paddlers here in Hawaii are really spoiled.  It seems like in Hawaii, there is almost always some kind of wind or swell to help push us along as we paddle.  Flatwater paddling is a completely different story.  You earn every mile you paddle in flatwater, and our 6 mile course was a hot and sweaty one.  Mission Bay where the race was held is a perfect place to paddle…big open water spaces, and lots of scenery to look at.  For me though, the best part of the paddle was the last 1/4 of the race, where I had the chance to paddle along and chat with Joe Bark.  Joe Bark and his crew always represent at races like these and were there in full force so that people could demo the race boards after the race.

Thanks to Ryan and Nicole Levinson for giving me a place to stay!

Overall, it was a great day in Southern California.  For full race results, click HERE…

Road Tripping in California...the 395 is always a good time...

After the race on Saturday, Jared Vargas and Nicole Madosik decided to make the drive up to Lake Tahoe for the 2010 Fall Classic.  The Fall Classic is a 22 mile race across the lake.  Nicole said that this morning the temperature was 35 degrees outside, and the Lake was probably not much warmer-a huge contrast to the 100 degree weather we had here in Southern California today.

I haven’t seen full results of the race yet, but I hear that Jared was the big winner, coming in first overall, and Nicole placed 3rd in the women’s elite division.  Pretty good for paddling 22 miles at 7,000 feet the day after driving for 12 hours.  Congratulations guys!

Next up is the Battle of the Paddle.  I will try to keep this updated as everyone starts to arrive.

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